From the desire and necessity to create, Nicole and Luiza Toldi found personal fulfillment in art. Nicole began her professional career as a landscape architect, which enabled her to develop an intimate relationship with nature, and she translates her experience in a unique and individual manner into porcelain pieces. Luiza, Nicole's daughter, with her artistic background, develops the brand's visual identity and together they come up with the concepts for new collections.

We live on top of the mountains of Serra da Mantiqueira, amidst centenarian trees and water springs.

This full immersion in nature awakens our senses. We contemplate its details and translate all this experience into porcelain pieces.Sculpting and modelling new shapes and texture makes us feel at one with the world.We allow ourselves to create without restraint, experimenting with different technique sand new artistic expressions, without being bound to one individual process. We walk in unison, mother and daughter, mindful of the surprises in every experience. Always with open arms and open hearts, for whatever may come our way.

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